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Transportation In Manchester Benefits Businesses

When you are travelling around Manchester, the one thing you will notice on all transport modes a re the advertisements. Advertising on transport, especially in big cities in the UK is a common choice of brand awareness. If you walk around your local town/city and look at all types of transport including busestaxis and trains you will notice numerous advertisements on there, all in different formats, such as T-SidesSteetlinerSupersides and Mega Rears.


Travelling around Manchester is made easy by the Metrolink. The Metrolink is a light rail system operating around Greater Manchester, starting in the North from Bury and down to the South in Altrincham. The network first started in 1992 and has plans to extend as far as Manchester Airport and is estimated to be completed by the end of 2016.

Manchester’s Bus Network

Visiting the main tourist’s site is easily done through Manchester’s bus network. The buses in Manchester are easy to use with friendly and helpful drivers. There are always directions and advice on finding the closest and best bus stop for your destination. Many of the buses start at the hub of the centre, Piccadilly. Piccadilly is full of information including the ticket office, helping your journeys to become easier.

Free Metroshuttle Bus

You can travel around Manchester for free with the Metroshuttle – a free bus service through the city centre. With three separate lines all with different colours it is easy to identify which is the Metroshuttle and which is a typical bus.

Bus one:

Starts at Piccadilly and networks around the town centre – every six minutes.

Bus two:

Starts at Oxford Road, Deansgate and to Victoria. It then joins the three main train stations of the city centre – every 10 minutes.

Bus three:

Starts at Piccadilly to Salford, connecting the West to the East – every 10 minutes.